Masterclass conducted by Alex Archawski, President @ Sales Evolution
Tuesday – April 23rd 2019 • 12 Noon – 1:30PM

How to Sell as an Entrepreneur 
One the biggest challenges Entrepreneurs face is being a Seller/Doer.  Do you struggle to find balance between selling and operating your business? Do you find sales stressful?  If you want to grow your business you must fully understand sales and all that goes into it. What would happen to your business if you embraced doing more sales?  In this training session, you will learn:  Time management as it relates to sales, clear understanding between prospecting and lead generation (marketing), working in your pipeline, creating an effective referral network, executing a proven sales process and making sure you don’t screw up your first sales hire.  

Alex Archawski is a military veteran, social entrepreneur and sales executive who has held executive and sales leadership positions at various companies. As a proud Sales Evolution alumnus (2006), Alex focuses on one objective; to help salespeople achieve outstanding sales success. Previously he was a sales consultant whose mission was to promote excellence in salesmanship and motivate sales organizations to drive improved business performance.